Boys Varsity Baseball · Lewis Cass Baseball Regional Information

Lewis Cass High School

2019 IHSAA 2A Baseball Regional

  1. Participating schools: Alexandria-Monroe, Wabash, Wapahani, Delphi
  2. IHSAA Baseball Regional Schedule:

Session 1 – Saturday, June 1             11:00 AM         Delphi (V)  vs. Alexandria-Monroe (H)                                                                                                                                          1:00 PM        Wapahani (V) vs Wabash (H)

Session 2 – Saturday, June 1             8:00 PM         Championship (Winner 1 vs. Winner 2) (H)

  1. Rainout Dates
  2. If Session 1, or any part of it is rained out, we will use Monday, June 3rd to make up games with the same schedule as Saturday.
  3. If Session 2 is rained out, we will move the Session to Monday, June 3rd at 8:00 PM.
  4. The regional will be played at Lewis Cass Baseball Facility, located on the grounds of Lewis Cass Jr.-Sr. High School; parking is located on the West or South side of the school.
  5. The baseball used for this tournament will be a Wilson A1010 PRORIND, which will be provided by the IHSAA.
  6. Home Team: The second named team in each game throughout the tournament is alwaysdesignated as the home team. The home team shall have choice of dugout.

Umpires as assigned by the IHSAA: #1 Mark Mettler, #2 Louis Brown, #3 Bud Wolf and #4 Terry

Taylor. The decision of the officials is final and protests arising from the decisions of the officials

or any inadvertent misinterpretation or misapplication of the rules will not be considered by the


  1. Players in Uniform: No more than twenty (20) players should be in uniform. The only

representatives of a school allowed on the bench are the players, coaches, managers/statisticians

and a trainer.

  1. Pre-Game Practice: Each team will be permitted fifteen (15) minutes of infield practice prior

to each regional game. The home team shall take infield first. The CASS Baseball Field

            MAY NOT be used for any batting practice prior to any tournament game. Warm-up activities

            (pepper, catch, soft toss, etc.) are not allowed in front of the dugouts. Fieldhouse hitting

            area is available for teams during the warm-up period.

  1. Official Rules: The current edition of the National Federation Baseball Rules will be the official

rules – except as modified by the IHSAA.

  1. Videotaping: Videotaping is allowed at any time by fans or members of the competing teams as

long as they have been granted prior approval by the Tournament Director.

  1. No travel or lodging allowances will be paid for regionals.
  2. Restrictions: Principals should inform students and adult fans of the tourney restrictions according

to IHSAA Bulletin No. 3.

  1. Admission:

Admission will be $7.00 per person per session or $10.00 per person for a season ticket.

There will be two (2) sessions in this tournament.

  1. Restrooms are available at the baseball facility. A concession stand will be open throughout the


  1. The National Anthem will be played prior to each session.
  2. All team members will be introduced prior to the start of your first game. Starters only will be

introduced in the championship game.

  1. A plate will be awarded to the winner and game balls will be given to the Championship team

and to the Runner-up team. This presentation will be done immediately at the conclusion of the

Championship game near the home plate area of the field.

  1. Seating: Bleachers are available near the field. Lawn chairs are permitted in secluded areas.



10:24 AM         Alexandria-Monroe takes infield         (LCC/Delphi may use batting cage)

10:39 AM         LCC/Delphi takes infield           (A-M may use batting cage)

10:54 AM         Coaches / umpire meeting

10:55 AM         Introductions & Starting Line-ups

10:58 AM         National Anthem

11:00 AM         Game StarT


:15                   Wabash takes infield   (Wapahani ay use batting cage)

:15                   Wapahani takes infield (Wabash may use batting cage)

:01                   Introductions & Starting Line-ups

Game Starts

GAME 3 will follow the same schedule as Game 1 starting at 7:24 PM.