Girls Varsity Golf · Lapel Regional Golf Information

Lapel Regional Rules Sheet 9/28/19

1. Play is governed by USGA rules and the following local rules where they apply

2. Play ball down:

a. Unplayable areas in fairway are marked.

b. Unmarked areas must be played as they lie

c. Cart paths must either be paved or gravel before they may be considered as a free drop

3. Out of bounds are marked with white lines and paved edge closest to the course of the road on the west side of the golf course

a. Right of 3 and 4

b. Left of 1, 2, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 18

c. Behind 1, 2, and 14 If a player hits a ball out of bounds or loses a ball, the rules will require the player to return to the spot of the previous stroke and take a one-stroke penalty – stroke-and-distance.

4. Penalty Areas are marked with red and yellow lines.

5. Drop areas: a. #4, #16 b. #14 – Designated for the maintenance barn area located in the left rough. (No penalty) Please note that the ball may be played as it lies inside the ground under repair designation.

6. Spectators

a. are encouraged i. To help find lost balls ii. To stay in the rough

b. are to stay 50 feet from the players unless looking for a ball

c. can encourage players but not make rulings or give advice.

7. Rules committee

a. TBD

b. If there is a question as to a ruling and a member of the rules committee can not be located in a reasonable amount of time, play two balls and record both scores.

Please replace divots and repair ball marks.


**Parent/Fan Spectator Rules**

The Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) takes great pride in the quality of their players and tournaments. In order to continue making these tournaments enjoyable for everyone, we require all players, parents and spectators to adhere to a certain set of guidelines.

Additionally, the Indiana Golf Association provides great assistance in enforcing the Rules of Play for high school golf. Special thanks to the IGA for all their assistance and contributions to amatuer golf in Indiana.

The IHSAA welcomes and encourages parents and spectators to attend events. It is appropriate for parents and spectators to respectfully applaud good shots by all players and not just the player they are following. Additionally, we request that parents and spectators adhere to the following set of guidelines.

To note, if any of the following guidelines are perceived to be broken by an IGF official or designated tournament official, the player is subject to penalty.

All spectators attend IHSAA events at their own risk.

1. “Advice (Rule 10-2) is any counsel or suggestion which could influence a player in determining his play, the choice of a club or the method of making a stroke.” In addition, any conversation between a player and spectator may be construed as advice. This includes any signals, gestures or actions made by the spectator. In any of these instances, penalty for breach of the Advice Rule is two strokes. Players will be held responsible for the actions of their relatives and spectators in regards to this rule.

2. Spectators should always stay on cart paths if available. In the absence of cart paths, spectators should walk in the rough. Please stay off fairways, tees and greens. We ask that spectators stay at least 30 yards from players at all times and always be aware of the group behind you.

3. Spectators should stay one shot ahead of the group they are following. This allows spectators to follow errant shots and help identify where the ball comes to rest. Spectators are encouraged to help in the search for lost golf balls.

4. Spectators should not give rulings. Please seek an IGF Rules Official if the need arises. Spectators will only be brought into a rules situation if asked by an official.

5. Spectators are not allowed to carry or move a players clubs or bag during the stipulated round.

6. When on course, cell phones must be turned to off or vibrate. Please only talk on cell phones near the clubhouse or out of play where there is no chance your conversation can be heard by any player on the course.

7. The IHSAA does permit the rental of spectator carts. Spectators that wish to rent carts must sign off on the cart rules prior to rental. The IHSAA and host facility reserve the right to not allow spectator carts for any reason.

8. In the event of serious or multiple breaches of these policies, the spectator may be asked to leave the facility or may not be permitted to attend another IHSAA event.

9. For the personal safety of spectators, we ask that you use caution at all times. When inclement weather moves into the area, the IHSAA, host member school, or host facility will suspend play by sounding airhorns. Accordingly, spectators should seek shelter immediately. The host site will evacuate players from the course and then spectators.

10. Please encourage your player to take care of our host courses. Be sure that divots are replaced and ball marks are repaired.

11. Please encourage your player to write thank-you notes to those who have contributed.