Boys Varsity Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · 2019 IHSAA XC Semi-State Information


DATE: Saturday, October 26, 2019

TIME: 1:00 pm – Boys’ Race 1:45 pm – Girls’ Race

PLACE: PFW Cross Country Course – the Plex, 1807 E California Rd, Ft. Wayne, IN 46825-5877

PARKING: If you participated in this year’s New Haven Classic, the parking will be the same for spectators and teams. All large buses will bring in athletes and drop them off and then park at PFW’s main campus. All small buses driven by coaches will drop athletes off and then park behind the Plex’s main building. We will have people directing buses at the drop off if parking changes. Due to their being only one entrance into the Plex and the Plex having their fall leagues, there will be limited parking at the Plex, please inform your patrons to plan on arriving at least 45 minutes before race time due to the possible increase of traffic into the Plex and also inform them that car pooling would be a good idea in order to save room for parking. There is additional parking at PFW’s main campus and spectators may use the Ron Venderly Family Bridge to cross over to the Plex. The bridge parking lot is located off the Anthony Blvd. entrance. It is highly encouraged for spectators to park at PFW’s main campus and use the bridge.

ADMISSIONS: Remind your fans that the IHSAA is now collecting a $8 admission for each person coming to the Semi-State Meet (minus athletes and coaches). Please tell your fans to have cash with them when they arrive. Those parking in the Plex will pay when they arrive in their cars. Those parking outside the Plex will pay when they arrive onto the Plex grounds. We can only accept cash. Online ticket sales will be available by going to You must bring your phone to verify the tickets and to validate them.

DRESSING: Dressing Rooms are not available. Please dress at home.

FACILITIES: Porta-Jons will be available. Runners may also use the restrooms at the soccer stadium, but must stay out of the Plex’s main building due to their fall programs starting.

REPORTING Coaches are to check-in at the white barn located on the southern section of the OF TEAMS: course. Coaches will be given a packet containing numbers, pins, course map, lane assignments, and timing chips. TIME 11:00 am Check-in opens (the white barn)

SCHEDULE: 12:15 pm Coaches meeting at the white barn 12:30 pm Check-in closes 12:45 pm Course is closed & National Anthem 12:50 pm Boys report to starting line 1:00 pm Start Boys’ Race 1:35 pm Girls report to starting line 1:45 pm Start Girls’ Race 2:45 pm Awards (field by start line)

CONCESSIONS: Will be available and provided by the Plex 2

NUMBERS: Each contestant will be assigned a number that shall be pinned on the FRONT of the jersey.

CHIPS: 1. Crossroads timing will be timing the meet with their chip timing. 2. Each runner must wear their assigned chip. Any athlete found wearing another runner’s chip or does not wear their chip will be disqualified. 3. Each runner will receive two chips that match their bib number. Make sure one chip is put on each shoe. 4. Make sure the chips are secured correctly on each foot. Any chips lost or not returned is a $30 fee per chip. 5. Make sure all bibs are secured so it can be easily seen at all times (use all 4 safety pins) 6. All chips should be returned after your race to the white barn in the bag they came. Do not bring up the chips of those that are not running. 7. DO NOT RUN ACROSS ANY OF THE TIMING MATS WHILE YOU ARE PREVIEWING THE COURSE!!! This will interfere with the accuracy of the results for each race. 8. FinishLynx will be used as a backup system and will be used to look at close finishes. 9. All results will be posted on the white barn. It is every coach’s responsibility to check the list to make sure none of their runners were missed in the results. If a runner is missing, the coach needs to report to the timing trailer immediately and let Eric Jackson know who is missing, his or her bib number, and roughly what time that runner ran.

START: Lane assignments will be drawn at random and will be given out on race day or mailed before the meet.

COURSE The course is limited to the entries listed on the IHSAA Entry List.

REGULATIONS: Blue Flag………………………………………..Straight Ahead Red Flag…………………………………………Left Turn Yellow Flag…………………………………….Right Turn Note: Course inspectors will be placed at crucial points. Parts of the course will be double lined, have natural grass boundaries, be bannered, or sectioned off by pylons. Runners MUST stay between these boundaries.

ADVANCEMENT: The first six (6) qualifying teams and the first ten (10) individuals that finish from non-advancing teams shall advance to the state meet in Terre Haute, IN.

AWARDS: Will be held on the field by the start line as soon as possible (approximately 20-30 minutes after the last race has finished). Coaches remind your runners that no hats or sun glasses are to be worn during the awards presentation.

RESULTS: Results will also be posted in their entirety on

PRACTICE: Teams are allowed to practice on the course anytime, but please note that parts of the course runs across the practice soccer fields. If the practice soccer fields are being used, please stay off of them.