Girls Varsity Volleyball · 2019 Volleyball State Finals Info

IHSAA Volleyball State Finals Information

DATE: Saturday, November 9, 2019.

LOCATION: Worthen Arena, Ball State University, 2000 W. University Avenue Muncie, IN


Match 1 – Class 1A 11:07 am

Match 2 – Class 2A 1:00 pm

Match 3 – Class 3A 3:00 pm

Match 4 – Class 4A 5:00 pm

ADMISSION General admission tickets are $12.00. All seats are general admission. No ticket is required if a child is pre-school age or younger (age 5 or younger). Gate 1 will serve as the general public entrance and doors will open at 9:30am. Seating for the disabled will be in sections EF, LK, RS, and XY.

DOORS OPEN: • 9:00 am- Doors open for team • 9:30 am- Doors open for spectators

TEAM CHECK-IN: Teams are to arrive at least one hour before match time. All participating schools must enter through the loading dock on the southeast side of Worthen Arena.

ADMISSION OF TEAM PERSONNEL VIA DOCK ENTRANCE: • Coaches, Managers, Scorekeeper, Bus Driver, etc Wristbands (8) will be given to these individuals upon arrival at Ball State University. Additional team personnel MUST have a ticket and will be escorted to the bleacher area behind the team bench. • Administrators Wristbands (3) & Parking Passes (3)-mailed to school • Eligible Players No pass or wristband needed, as players will be checked in with the

IHSAA Entry List *Wristbands must be worn at all times.

PERSONNEL • Bands will enter through the dock on the southeast side of the Arena. Each member must have a ticket. Seating will be provided in each of the upper bleachers (Sections: K, L, R, or S). Music should not be played when the ball is in play. Each band will be expected to provide its own extension cords. • Cheerleaders will enter through the dock on the southeast side of the Arena. Each member must have a ticket. Cheerleaders must remain on end lines, off playing floor while the ball is in play. Cheerleaders must wear rubber-soled shoes or tennis shoes. 2 • School Photographer (up to 2) must have a ticket. Media credentials will be given to photographers. Media credentials must be requested, prior to the event, through Jason Wille via email • Videographer A videographer must have a ticket. A media credential will be included in your packet. An area at the east and west ends of the Arena will be provided for one team representative to videotape their match. The videographer must be prepared to use a battery pack. No tripods are allowed in spectator areas.

BENCH AREA Team – Limited to 16 seats each. The first row of bleacher seats behind the team benches will be reserved for team statisticians and additional team personnel. A team scorekeeper will be permitted to sit at the scorer’s table, provided he/she has been awarded one of the wristbands.

PARKING • Bus Parking (Team) Buses should drop off athletes, coaches and cheerleaders at the dock area. • Reserved Parking Located southeast of Worthen Arena; 3 reserved parking passes will be issued to each school • Spectator and Fan Bus Parking Located directly north of Worthen Arena; $5.00 all session pass

LIVE TELEVISION All Championship matches will be televised LIVE throughout the state on the IHSAA Champions Television Network. Due to timing issues, the following modifications shall be made to the format: 1. If previous matches extend beyond their scheduled start time, adjustments will be made in the awards ceremony and the team warm-up. 2. All time outs will be 90 seconds in length. 3. If neither team asks for a time out prior to the 13th point scored in the first four sets, a TV timeout will be called. There will be no scheduled TV timeout in the fifth set, however if a team chooses to call a timeout the network may opt to take a commercial break if needed.

ITEMS TO BE COMPLETED & SUBMITTED • Awards List An Awards List form is posted on the volleyball tab of the IHSAA Portal. A list of those twenty-two individuals who will be receiving medals should be submitted to Kayley Howell, by Wednesday, November 6, 2019. • Mental Attitude Nomination The Mental Attitude Nomination Form is posted on the volleyball tab of the IHSAA Portal. Form must be completed and submitted to Kayley Howell, by Thursday, November 7, 2019. • Unsold Pre-Sale Tickets & Check Unsold tickets and a check, made out to the IHSAA, for tickets sold, must be turned in to Kayley Howell or Kerrie Schludecker, upon arrival at Ball State University. 3


Match #1 – Class 1A 10:00 am Competitive floor available for team warm-up 10:39 am Officials, Captains, and Coaches meeting 10:45 am 7 ½ minute warm-up (visitor) 10:53 am 7 ½ minute warm-up (home) 11:01 am Color Guard, National Anthem 11:04 am Team Introductions 11:07 am Match #1

Match #2 – Class 2A 12:27 pm Pre-match Meeting 12:32 pm 7 ½ minutes (visitor warm up) 12:41 pm 7 ½ minutes (home warm up) 12:49 pm Official of the Year Presentation 12:54 pm Introductions 1:00 pm Match #2

Match #3 – Class 3A 2:32 pm Pre-match Meeting 2:38 pm 7 ½ minutes (visitor warm up) 2:46 pm 7 ½ minutes (home warm up) 2:54 pm Introductions 3:00 pm Match #3

Match #4 – Class 4A 4:32 pm Pre-match Meeting 4:38 pm 7 ½ minutes (visitor warm up) 4:46 pm 7 ½ minutes (home warm up) 4:54 pm Introductions 5:00 pm Match #4

MATCHES #2, #3, #4 The 15 minute warm-up will commence when the floor is cleared after the previous match, and the officials, captains and coaches have met. At the conclusion of the 15 minute warm-up period, the teams competing in the next match will be introduced and competition will begin. Each match will begin approximately 45 minutes following the completion previous match. The 2A, 3A, and 4A matches will NOT begin prior to the listed start times.

TEAM INTRODUCTIONS Team members, managers and coaches will be introduced prior to the match. Teams and coaches will line up on the court-end facing the net. The non-starters will be announced first, followed by the starters and head coach from the visiting team. Then, the non-starters, starters and head coach from the home team will be introduced. The Presentation of Colors and singing of the National Anthem will take in the first match only. After the National Anthem, teams will meet at the net, shake hands and return to their team benches